Emily Yang is a visual artist working with photography and video. She is born in Shanghai, China, currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and Shanghai.

Her interests include the expanded meaning of the photograph by connecting different contexts in which the subjects are placed. Yang often asks of her to pose for the camera to investigate the power dynamics between the mechanical eye of the camera, the photographer and the subject. Instead of a directly confrontational approach, she insists on picturing the subtle manifestations of the relationships, using photographic framing, focusing and distortion to her advantage.

For commissions, prints, and collaborations inquiries,
please email: emfanyang@gmail.com

杨帆于1991年出生于上海,现工作和生活在纽约、上海两地。 她的艺术实践以摄影为基础,并结合装置、动态图像表现真实世界的暧昧、待定状态。作品取材于对日常生活的观察与提炼。她的创作将拍摄对象置于不同的语境并让两者产生连结,从而达到扩展图像意义的目的。