Everything Is Found Wanting
Collaboration Piece by BJ Beck, Emily Yang, Madyha Lefgari

We undertook the following collaborative work with the intent to challenge familiar grounds for each of us and subsequently, extend these through a sharing of skillsets and conceptual concerns. We were also interested in examining traditional notions of authorship and ownership while maintaining an immediacy of materials and making.

“Everything is Found Wanting” is the result of layering and slightly transforming our distinct modes of making. One of us painted an intimate snowscape which was photographed and printed in a much larger size. The digitization and enlargement of the photographic gesture served both to mechanize it and ironically make is looser and more expressive, thus setting a stage between the abstract and the representational. The stillness of this painterly photograph was counteracted with a looped video projection of a female character aimlessly flitting through the snowscape and lending it a feeling of timelessness and disquiet. The two-dimensionality of both painting, print and video was then counteracted by the plasticity of text. Repetitive lines spelling out ‘Everything is found wanting’ hang at a distance from the image, obstructing projected light and casting a shadow text on the print. Thus, the non-pictorial and non-representational format of the text unconventionally introduces dimensionality.